Enrolment Application Form - Domestic Student


    Before completing this application form you must read the information contained in this Application Form thoroughly. In particular, you should ensure that you fully understand the St Basil’s RTO Terms and Conditions of Enrolment along with the fee Payment and Refund Procedures. You must attach with your application any certified copies of your academic results including evidence. Please ensure that you understand them before you sign the Application Form.


    This is non-refundable.


    Upon receipt of your application, St Basil’s RTO will advise you about the outcome as soon as possible or within two weeks. If your application is accepted, you will be provided a Letter of Offer (conditional or unconditional). This document will also accompany another document called “Student Offer Acceptance Letter”. In order to indicate your acceptance, you will be required to sign the Student Offer Acceptance Letter and forward it along with the initial deposit.


    Once the initial deposit is received, St Basil’s RTO will then forward you an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE)


  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

    Australian Year 11 or 12 qualification equivalent*

    Do you wish to apply for Credit transfers?

    Do you wish to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning?

    If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of the questions above, you are required to also fill Credit Transfer form or RPL Form and forward it along with the supporting documents e.g. employment letter, position descriptions, transcriptions, etc.
    • Completed all relevant sections of this Application Form
    • Relevant documents for RPL/Credit Transfer
    • Read and understood the terms and conditions of enrolment
    • 100 points of ID
    • Attached certified copies of Qualifications and Academic Transcripts
    • Read and understood St Basil’s RTO Refund Policy Evidence of English Language Proficiency Certified
    • Translated documents if not in English



    I declare that the information submitted with this Application Form is true and complete. I further declare that any academic results submitted are a complete record of all results that I have obtained from every institution I have attended. I understand giving false or misleading information, including fraudulent documentation, is a serious offence under Australian Law.

    1. I understand that if I provide false or misleading information, it may invalidate all or any part of this agreement and may result in the termination of enrolment.
    2. I understood that this agreement and the availability of complaints and appeals process do not remove the rights of the student to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.
    3. I confirm that the information supplied in this form in relation to my study plan is true and accurate. I understand that any changes to my study plan may be considered detrimental.
    4. I confirm that I have received and read a copy of St Basil’s RTO’s Student Handbook and information available on www.stbasils.edu.au and fully understand the requirements of the course and relevant policies and procedures.
    5. I authorize St Basil’s RTO to seek verification of my academic and professional qualifications and work experience. I understand that St Basil’s RTO reserves the right to inform other tertiary institutions and regulatory agencies if any of the material presented to support my application is found to be false.
    6. I acknowledge that St Basil’s RTO reserves the right to alter any course, admission requirement or fee with prior notice.
    7. I understand that the personal information I have provided may be released to government agencies as required by law. I further understand that it may be disclosed to third parties for the purpose of processing my application.
    8. I acknowledge that I have read and understand the description of course/s that I am applying for on the St Basil’s RTO website and from authorised representative of St Basil’s RTO.
    9. I have read, understood and consent to the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment, Fee Payment, Refunds Procedures at St Basil’s RTO.
    I consent for St Basil’s RTO to apply, locate, verify USI on my behalf.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

    1.1. St Basil’s RTO Reserves the right to cancel a course not later than one month prior to the commencement date, in which case a full refund of all fees paid will be made as per the Refund Policy.

    1.2. A student is enrolled for the period for which tuition fees have been paid. If tuition fees have not been paid, the student’s enrolment may be cancelled at the end of internal appeals process.

    1.3. All students are bound by the St Basil’s RTO’s Student Code of Conduct. Detailed information on St Basil’s RTO’s rules and regulations are available in Student Handbook and is covered during the Student Orientation Program. Failure to adhere to these regulations may lead to the suspension or cancellation of the student’s enrolment.

    St Basil’s RTO’s policy on cancellation/ suspension/ deferral of an International student enrolment is contained in the Student Handbook and will be covered in the Orientation Program.

    1.4. The National Code 2007 restricts the capacity of students to transfer to other providers prior to completing six months of their principal course. St Basil’s RTO will not allow students to transfer to another provider within six months of the commencement of their principal course of study in circumstances where the transfer would be detrimental to the study plan as detailed in this application. Circumstances that are considered detrimental to a student’s study plan could be but are not limited to:

    Change in study plan
    • Transfer to a lower level of studies
    • Increased tuition costs, particularly in case where deposits paid in advance to St Basil’s RTO are non-refundable
    • Increased duration of studies
    • Insufficient preparation for further studies
    • Level of support services at new provider is not equivalent
    • Transfer would jeopardize student’s progression through a course of courses

    1.5. After arrival in Australia, St Basil’s RTO’s policy restricts a student from transferring to another course of study at the St Basil’s RTO other than from which the student visa has been granted. Student will need to formally apply for the change of course.

    1.6. Students wishing to apply for a ‘letter of release’ will need to complete a Request Form, available online or from reception. This form will provide information on St Basil’s RTO’s procedures for the assessment of such applications and the mechanism for the student to appeal.  In instances where a release letter is granted, St Basil’s RTO’s Fee Payment and Refund Procedures will be applied to any Fee and Charges Refund request received.

    Detailed information on St Basil’s RTO’s transfer policy between registered providers is contained in Student Handbook and will be covered during the Student Orientation Program.

    1.7. Students are required to complete their course within the duration specified on their eCoE except in limited circumstances. In these circumstances, St Basil’s RTO will issue a new eCoE to extend the duration of study for the course. Student may be required to pay tuition fee for the extended duration based on the reasons for extension.

    1.8. Students are required to keep St Basil’s RTO informed of their current address at all times. It is the students’ responsibility to notify St Basil’s RTO administration of any change in the recorded address during the period of enrolment. This can be done by filing the “Change of Personal Details Form”.

    1.9. Students apply for Credit Transfer/Recognition of Prior Learning via the formal process as set out in the Student Handbook if they have not applied for the same at the time of enrolment. A detailed.

    1.10. Course Credit policy and procedure is available in the Student Handbook, on the St Basil’s RTO website. For more information please email education@stbasils.edu.au.

    1.11. Fee and charges are subject to change with prior notice. At least 50 per cent of the full course fees must be paid two weeks prior to the agreed start date.

    1.12. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the school of changes of address, personal circumstances and all personal details.


    This policy establishes the outline of refunding fees where the student provides advice of withdrawal from a course or variation to enrolment prior to the relevant critical dates of course commencement and enrolment. This policy outlines refunds applicable to course fees paid to St Basil’s RTO students in advance. St Basil’s RTO will refund tuition fees and excess payments in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation and St Basil’s RTO refund policy and procedures.
    1. St Basil’s RTO refunds will be paid to the person who enters into the written agreement. All notification of withdrawal from a course, or applications for refunds, must be made in writing and submitted to Finance Department.
    2. Student Default:
    • Any amount owing will be paid within 4 weeks of receiving a written refund form from the student.
    • If the student does not provide written notice of withdrawal and does not start the course on the agreed course start date, St Basil’s RTO will not refund student prepaid deposit.
    • If up to two semester’s tuition fees have been prepaid, and St Basil’s RTO receives written notification of withdrawal by the student.
    • St Basil’s RTO will refund the amount of prepaid fees as per below Refund schedule.
    • No amount will be refunded if written notice is received after the course commencement, fraud documents submitted by student and higher education deposit.
    • No refund of tuition fees will be made where student’s enrolment is cancelled
    Provider Default
    • If for any reason St Basil’s RTO is unable to offer a course on an agreed starting day for the course, and the student for some reasons cannot be placed or refuses placement in an alternative course arranged by St Basil’s RTO, a full refund of any unspent pre-paid tuition fee paid to St Basil’s RTO will be made within 14 days of the agreed course starting day.
    • If for any reason St Basil’s RTO is unable to continue offering a course after the student commences a course, and the student for some reasons cannot be placed or refuses placement in an alternative course arranged by St Basil’s RTO, a full refund of any unspent prepaid tuition fee paid to St Basil’s RTO will be made within 14 days of St Basil’s RTO default day.
    • In the event that St Basil’s RTO is unable to fulfil its obligation of providing an agreeable
    • alternative course for the student, or a refund, the student will receive advice to seek assistance from the Australian government’s tuition protection services. For information on the TPS, please see:
    • https/tps.gov.au/information/students/how.
    Domestic Students:
    1. Commencing Students:
    • More than four weeks before the start of the study period all tuition fees paid are refundable.
    • For students on a packaged course who do not commence their principal course with St Basil’s RTO, the principal course fees are non-refundable.
    1. Continuing Students:
    • Before 4 weeks the start of the study period the student will be entitled to a get refund on pro rata bases of tuition fee applicable to the current study period and full refund of fees paid in advance in respect of a following study period.
    1. Commencing and Continuing Students:
    On or before the commencement date of study period, the student is not entitled to a refund of the applicable to that study period and a full refund of fees paid in advance in respect of a following study period if more than four weeks before following study period start date and Pro rata bases if less than four weeks before following study period start as per the pro-rata schedule set out in the full Refund Policy available online and at reception.

    Tuition fee refund

    • Withdrawal on or after agreed course start date - No refund
    • Withdrawal notified in writing and received by the St Basil’s RTO after course commencement and less than 4 weeks for 2nd Study period - No refund of current course tuition fees.
    • Non – Refundable Fees
    • Course fees including materials fees
    • Admission and enrolment fee in all conditions
    • Domestic students applying for withdrawal after commencement of study period and less than 2 weeks for 2nd study period.


    SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management   $1525.00 x 7 Terms = Paid in Full General English – ADVANCED $220.00 x 10 Weeks = Paid in Full
    BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management $1897.50 x 4 Terms = Paid in Full General English – INTERMEDIATE   $220.00 x 10 Weeks = Paid in Full
    CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support $1667.50 x 4 Terms = Paid in Full General English – BEGINNERS   $220.00 x 10 Weeks = Paid in Full
    BSB40315 Certificate IV in Customer Engagement   $1460 x 4 Terms = Paid in Full HLTAID003 Provide First Aid   $110.00 = Paid in Full
    Enrolment fee   $250 non refundable Additional fees are found on website in student handbook

    Please choose your Payment Method: Credit Card
    Electronic Funds Transfer (account details available upon request)
    Loans available through www.moneyme.com.au


    St Basil’s RTOStudent Support Officer
    (02) 97843200